Communication Alliance Partners (CAP) has a unique focus on helping companies increase their profitability by implementing conferencing strategies that reduce overall expenses, increase productivity, and streamline corporate communications. Through our relationships with numerous conference calling providers we are able to provide a full suite of audio, web, and video conferencing solutions. Whether you are a small business looking to conference five users on the phone, or a global company wanting to conduct an online meeting with a 1000 users, we can provide you with a service that can cost effectively meet your needs. All of our services come with a convenient online management portal that gives you the ability to update your company information, add, activate and deactivate moderators, view and pay your bill, and change calling features.

Conferencing can be a very cost effective way to:

  • Launch new products and services to your sales force without having to take them out of the field.
  • Showcase introductions and product releases to employees, shareholders, and clients.
  • Provide training programs to geographically dispersed audiences.
  • Conduct focus group sessions to help bring products to market faster.
  • Deliver personalized sales presentations to your customers and reduce sales cycle time.
  • Provide a simple but effective way to get more out of training sessions by giving your audience something for their eyes as well as their ears.
  • Share HR information with employees regarding policy or procedure changes.
  • Conduct employee orientations and interviews.

Whether you are an existing user of conferencing services or you are investigating the uses of conferencing for the first time, please take a few minutes to call one of our conferencing consultants today for a no cost, no obligation, no pressure, free consulting session.

Conferencing Solutions:

We offer a full range of audio conferencing services which ensures that we a solution that will fit your needs. Choose the convenience of our on-demand service, the personal attention of our Operator Assisted service, or a combination of both. You can also connect with colleagues around the globe with our suite of international options.

Reservationless Audio Conferencing:

Reservationless Audio Conferencing enables moderators to quickly and easily connect up to 300 participants on a single call without a reservation. Moderators have keypad and web-based conference controls to manage participants, secure the meeting, record, as well as access a help menu. Operators are always available at the touch of a button if additional help is required.

Participants access an On Demand call anywhere in the world through a variety of dial in options. Domestic participants can dial a toll free number or any of the 150 local dial-in numbers. Local Dial in is a unique feature of Copper Services and can save your organization a lot of money. International participants can access an On Demand call with international toll free or in-country local dial in numbers.

Our Reservationless services are extremely flexible:
  • There are no set up fees.
  • No contract is required.
  • There are no monthly commitments and or term commitments.
  • You can cancel at any time.
  • There are no charges for additional moderators.

Operator Assisted Conferencing:

Operator Assisted service provides a live Operator throughout your conference call. This provides you with an extra level of service, features and customization needed for investor relations calls, press conferences, kickoff meetings, Town Hall meetings, board meetings and other high-profile calls. You can schedule your reservation over the phone or via our real-time Online Reservation system with as little as 15 minutes advance notice. At the designated time of your conference, your guests dial into your permanent number and are greeted by an Operator who places them into the conference. The combination of features and options that you select customizes each call to meet your specific needs.

Web Conferencing Solutions:

Our web conferencing solutions are powerful tools to communicate with the Board of Directors, direct reports, clients - anyone who should see as well as hear your message. Our web conferencing services let you present a slide show, tour the web, or share applications and documents. Your audience follows along on their PCs in real-time as you control the presentation from your computer. Our streaming service enables you to convey your message to thousands of people at the same time. Whether you are conducting a small internal sales meeting or want to broadcast your message to thousands of people we have a solution that will meet your needs.

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